Child Author Project is proud to be working with …

Kate Worrall
Illustrations & Art

Renowned digital & traditional illustrator and product designer by day, cat lover and fluffy sock wearer by night.

Jen Parker
Book Production Expert

Award-winning book design and editorial wizard, lover of all things fonts, formatting and flamingo.

Ambassadors – U.K.

Chelle Clarke
Head of UK

Mum, best-selling author and spiritual transformation queen.

Laura Young

Mum, best-selling author and jewellery making extraordinaire.

Laura Bland

Mum, fitness & wellness mentor and best-selling author.

Kris Davies
South Wales

Mum, holistic well-being guru, teacher, speaker and best-selling author.

Claire Clements

Mum, positivity advocate and founder of Positive Pants & Positively Empowered Kids Festival.

Serena Novelli

Mum, best-selling author, empowering body confidence coach and founder of Love Thy Body project.

Emily Heather

Mum, Social Entrepreneur and founder of nature and wildlife community Outdoor Mums UK.

Mo Frances

Mo is a mum, passionate about children’s mindset and well-being, and founder of Beads with Faith.

Sarah Auger

Mum, award winning founder of The Sensory Fairy, #1 best-selling author.

Ambassadors – U.S.A

Coming Soon

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Ambassadors – Australia

Coming Soon

Watch this space…