Our ‘Happiness’ book project explored the concept of happiness through children’s eyes. It opened the door for conversations about emotions, whilst giving adults the beautiful opportunity of seeing the world through children’s eyes. 115 children shared what happiness means to them, through a varied collection of stories, poems, songs, recipes, advice and personal experiences. The book quickly rose up the charts hitting #1 in several categories.

107 108 Dylan and Ethan Young

The ‘Happiness’ book project is a proud sponsor of Purple Community Fund.


PCF understand the problems of the community and develop life-changing programmes that empower communities to thrive, helping local people to change their lives for the better.


Purple Community Fund provide sustainable opportunities that support families struggling with poverty, and make a positive impact to those who are in the direst of circumstances.



By supporting PCF, the ‘Happiness’ book project helped provide meals for hungry children in the Philippines and we are so proud to have sponsored such an incredible and worthwhile cause.

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