Laura Young – My 2020

Laura Young – My 2020

My 2020

So, my 2020 felt lost with despair,

Having to stay home, we can’t go anywhere!

Normality stopped with immediate effect,

Things we took for granted, now make us reflect!

No hugs from family or friends are allowed,

Having to stay strong, should make us feel proud!

Nobody allowed in homes or meeting at the park,

Staying in every day until, AGAIN, it is dark!

What started as days, fell into months, then a year,

All of us wearing masks, washing hands, living in fear!

Our smiles are hidden, like a silence in the air,

Our feelings held in but we really need to share!

Holidays cancelled, businesses shut, all of them closing their doors,

It feels surreal as it all takes place, with more signs going up on stores!

Watching the newsfeed daily, to see what is happening in the world,

Whilst the streets are empty, Italy’s music is twirled!

All of our lives have been put on hold,

Whilst the world shuts down and things unfold!

Whilst home-schooling, furloughed, working from home, are a new side,

Mental health, uncertainties, emotions galore, it’s been a scary ride!


Laura Young

Child Author Project Ambassador – Nottinghamshire, UK

Founder and Designer at Lexico


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