Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams

I have wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember. I can recall that yearning deep inside me that I ignored and quietened down, because I couldn’t believe in myself back then. I didn’t understand the process and therefore I thought it was out of my reach. I figured I would never be an author; it was a dream. But then one day, something happened. I decided to do it anyway.

Was I an expert? Hell no.

Did I understand the process? Not really.

Was I willing to try and learn regardless of what happened? Yes.

Did I really really really want this? YES!

And so, I moved forward. Armed with nothing more than my passion and a will to try.

I’ve published several books since that moment. I’ve created 371 #1 best selling child authors and 27 #1 best selling adult authors. I’ve collaborated and supported many other best selling book projects. I’ve been recognised for my work by Theo Paphitis. I’ve been followed by other famous authors.

Why? Because I tried and I didn’t give up, no matter how hard it has sometimes been. And it has been very hard sometimes! It started with trying.

Don’t give up on yourself. Keep going. It’ll be worth it, I promise.


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