What I Learned When My 5yo Blocked The Loo!

What I Learned When My 5yo Blocked The Loo!


I wanted to post this as a reminder that headspace is a real gift 💝

Do you get frustrated at her kids? If you do, you are not alone!

I know that it is very easy for me to jump to wrong conclusions about my son and his behavior and yet the day came when his ¨bad¨ behaviour taught me a really valuable lesson.

If you are curious, read on..

I had just got off a client call and as I got up Leo came bounding out of the bathroom to tell me that there was something wrong with the toilet as it was filling up with water.

I went into the bathroom to inspect.

And there to my horror was a blocked toilet! 😤

My mind started to race with frustration as I had images of having to pay someone to come to the house to sort it out..🤯

I started to feel myself get angry and I asked him in an angry manner🤬

¨What have you done!?¨

He innocently shared ¨Mama, I used lots of toilet paper!¨

I asked him with frustration ¨How much?¨

¨10 pieces.¨he replied.

¨Well now look at what you have done!¨

It suddenly occurred to me that we had a plunger in the kitchen and I huffed and puffed downstairs thinking about all the reasons why this had inconvenienced me.

I then went back into the bathroom and plunged.

After 10 seconds the problem was resolved and I walked back into the bedroom where he was hiding from my wrath…

By this time I had enough headspace to apologize and get curious as to why he might have done what he did…

I then asked him ¨Why did you need 10 pieces of paper?¨

¨Because I wanted to make sure my bum was clean!¨ he replied.

💥It then dawned on me that in Leo’s world, the logic of more paper means a cleaner bum made sense to him. 💥🙀

❤️And with that kind of logic of course you would need 10 pieces or even more to make sure it was clean! ❤️

By now I had enough headspace to hear the next bit of information:

💥 he had no idea that the toilet would get blocked by doing what he did. He was just interested in getting his bum clean and as he had never done this before – how was he to know that this was going to happen? 💥

He didn´t.

And just like that I saw how my judgements and frustrated thinking had been getting in the way of me seeing what was really going on versus what I thought was going on….

Headspace is such a gift, don’t you think?

(He drew the above piccie after the toilet incident) ❤️🙏

By Marina Pearson, Founder of ‘The Breathing Space For Hardworking Mamas’.

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