Raising Girls Self Esteem

Raising Girls Self Esteem

Raising Girls Self Esteem

Self-esteem can be hard to define.  It’s more than just feeling good about yourself, taking pride in your accomplishments or liking what you see in the mirror. For me self-esteem is concerned with the way we judge our own worth.

Girls with positive self-esteem tend to recognise their abilities, talents and strengths and feel proud about who they are and what they are able to achieve. I wanted to look at us as women to see how our self-esteem may impact on our girls. Cherish Me intends to help raise our girls’ confidence. For many of us our mothers play a significant role on our self-esteem.    What I’ve learned over the years, is that we are powerful role models for our girls, they identify with us and we impart self-worth on our girls.

Here are some tips in helping to raise confident girls.

~ Talk positively about yourself~ healing. For many of us, self-love journey starts within. I started mine through journaling.

~ Praise and affirmations ~ girls can write positive affirmations in their journals, post notes in their rooms, so that each day they can wake up with positive thoughts.

~ Positive home environment~ surround her with positive images and affirmations.

Help her to read books that will lift her self-worth

~ Family time~ one of the many ways to connect with our girls is to turn off devices! (Something I’ve learned from my daughters). This could be board games, a picnic or learning a new hobby.

~ Help her to climb mountains~ allow her to try something new, it maybe a new activity/sport, or even attending a new group: this will help her confidence.

Remind her she is fearfully and wonderfully made!

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