A Story About Kindness

A Story About Kindness


By Amber Alice Fowlie, age 10, Aberdeenshire


Once upon a time in a city called Salzburg in Austria, there was a girl named Vanessa.

Vanessa was an only child and very spoilt, in fact, she was a spoilt ungrateful brat! She only had one friend who wished Vanessa would be a kind and selfless girl. Vanessa’s friend was called Hope.

Hope had a kind and loving nature but sadly her family were close to poverty and nowhere near as wealthy as Vanessa’s family. This made Hope grateful for everything and anything she was given.


One Monday just before school Vanessa and Hope were walking along the road to school as usual when Vanessa noticed there was a hole in the road that hadn’t been there before, they both ran over to it and looked down to see how deep it was… Vanessa slipped and grabbed Hope, and they both fell down into the hole; it was a long way down and they kept falling and falling! All of a sudden there was a CRASH, BANG and they both shouted, “Ouch, that hurt!” as they hit the bottom. They were blinded by a bright light that was coming out of what looked like a tunnel on the left of Vanessa.


Vanessa screamed, “Oh My God! Come on Hope, let’s see what is through the tunnel and where the light is coming from”. Hope replied calmly to her saying that she would stay there and look for a way out instead. “Urghh FINE!” Vanessa said grumpily as she turned round and stormed off in a huff.


Vanessa put her hand up to her eyes to shield them from the light but it was so bright she still struggled to see past it. She kept walking and found herself inside a room with white walls and floor, and the light was coming from the most beautiful chandelier she had ever seen, Vanessa thought to herself how much she wanted that chandelier, just as she was trying to see how to get it she spotted a lady in the corner of the room dressed in a long beautiful white puffy dress covered in sparkles, she was wearing a dazzling tiara and held a wand in her hand.


“I am the Queen of Kindness and have been waiting for so long to meet you and make you become a kind, caring and loving person”. The lady spoke with a soft and serene voice to Vanessa, but Vanessa snapped back. “So what, I don’t care”.

With that the Queen of Kindness held up her wand and started singing…

“Oh Kindness wand, from heart to heart, make this mean brat no more, she will become kind and caring forever more”…


There was a loud snap and suddenly Vanessa and Hope were both back on the road for school… As they looked at one another, Vanessa suddenly hugged Hope and began apologising for everything mean she had done and said to Hope and promised that from now on she was going to be kind because she never wanted to fall down that hole ever again….


Hope was so happy that Vanessa had changed, as were the rest of the children at school, along with everyone in the town that knew Vanessa, and they all lived happily ever after.


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