Explaining ‘The Thing’…

Explaining ‘The Thing’…

‘The Thing’

by Oscar Goffer, age 6.

To the scientist,

Sometimes I get ‘The Thing’ and I wanted to tell you about my discoveries so that you can help other people if they get ‘The Thing’ too. ‘The Thing’ is when I feel extremely cross and sad, all at the same time. When you get ‘The Thing’, you might say bad words and cry!

Here’s some advice for other children if they get ‘The Thing’…

  • Get into a safe quiet space (like a cupboard!)
  • Be with someone and don’t be alone
  • Have hugs and kisses
  • Get your teddy
  • When you are feeling calmer, have a bath – I like using a bath bomb too!
  • Have some nice smells in a diffuser
  • Maybe sleep in your mum and dad’s bed

We hope this is helpful. Have a nice day!

From Oscar Goffer and Mum, Louise Jaggard.


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