Influencing a Child’s Mindset

Influencing a Child’s Mindset

To me, but maybe not others, a child’s mindset is set by influence. They are not born with all the knowledge, power or understanding of this world. They must see positive influences, be encouraged and most of all be loved.

Some children will be confident, some won’t. Some will run into school on the first day and not even say goodbye, some will hold their carer screaming, but as carers we need to encourage confidence, independence and also let them know we will also be there when they need us.

As parents we do feel a little sad when they take that next milestone and start to detach, but sometimes we have to hide it to make sure our children are happy in their environment. We have to encourage resilience to some things but show kindness to everything and everyone. We need to be the best we can be and not just tell this, demonstrate it.

When a child is scared hug them, when they are proud, be proud with them, when they are kind, praise them, and if you’re sad or down, let them comfort you, because they are our world and sometimes it’s OK not to be OK.

By Katie Nelson, child author Mum.


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