Welcome to Child Author Project

Welcome to Child Author Project

Child Author Project was an idea that I have had for many years. I had always dreamed of becoming an author, from a very early age. When I was in my early teens, I was given the opportunity of writing for a book project and became published for the first time in a children’s collaborative community project.

Despite a passion that persisted within me, I gave up the dream of writing for years – stepping into a corporate role and spending years developing and training in other areas. In 2018, I was offered an incredible opportunity by Mums in Business Association to become a published author once more. I took part in a community book project with 24 other women in business. We became #1 best selling authors and my passion for writing was re-ignited.

A strong believer in mindset and the importance of mental health, I created a project that would incorporate all of my passions – writing and mental health. Our first project focused on ‘Happiness’. I felt inspired by the idea of learning what happiness meant to children and being reminded of the innocence and incredible creativity of children.

The project has many goals and aims, but primarily, our focus is on showing children how absolutely incredible they are – and what they are capable of achieving. I feel so passionately about nurturing children’s skills, creativity, passions and curiosity – the project encompasses these values to show children they can still be successful and accomplished by being themselves.

Our book projects will also be an opportunity to open the door for conversations about emotions, feelings, mental health, happiness, positivity and kindness. If we can explore these concepts with children from a young age, we can empower them to become stronger, kinder and to understand the importance of a healthy mind.

The projects aim to give back to the community and support those in need, because every child deserves to see how amazing they are – irrespective of their economy, location or background.

We are on a mission to inspire the world, one child at a time!

Watch this space…


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